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Thursday, January 29, 2009


There are some that are asking the question - why didn’t Locke kill Widmore when he met him as a young soldier? The answer (so far) has been that he couldn’t kill him because he didn’t die then - because he’s alive now.

That got me thinking.

If that's the case then Michael couldn't kill himself in the car crash or in the alley because he didn't die in a car crash or pulling the trigger because that's not when he died. He also didn't die when he set off the suitcase bomb because he didn't die that way or then. He died WHEN the boat exploded and could not die any other way.

Many folks have been sick/near death and recovered fairly quickly. Could it be because that's not how or when they actually died?

The O6 have to go back to the island in 70 hours because that's when they actually went back.

In aboriginal folklore is it said there are special places that hold all memories of what happened, are happening or will happen at that place. Could this be the secret of the island - that it knows when something happens because it's already seen them happen?

That would seem to mean that everything in LOST is future tense. We know what happened when because we saw it in the future.

And for those that did die? Boone and Libby and Shannon and Eko and Ana L and Alex and others - if we look back from the future we see that's WHEN they died. So because it was seen in the future that it did happen they had to die then.


Maybe Alex really wasn't supposed to die when she did....that if you look back from the future you don't see that event happening. Maybe that's what Ben meant by "he changed the rules." Alex wasn’t supposed to die then but she did. So Widmore changed the outcome of an event or caused an event to happen that the future did not know about. And Ben was shocked because this could not happen because if you look back from the future he or the island saw it did not happen.

Now Ben has threatened Penny's life. Is Ben also threatening to change an event? Ben also said the person turning the frozen donkey wheel could not return to the island, but he's trying to return. Does that change an event too? And is this possibly the same thing for Widmore - that he had moved the island and cannot return, but he's trying to return regardless of what the future saw happening?

In the 2 episodes last week there was something said when Ben took Locke to the meat locker and at the end of the 2 hours when Ben said 70 hours was not enough time. Things had to happen then and that way, and if they didn't then God help us all.

Considering all that, the future looks preety dim right now for our LOSTies.

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