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Friday, January 23, 2009

'Lost' recap: True Lies

In season 5's second episode, the burden of the Oceanic 6's deception weighs heavily on Hurley, while Sawyer and crew find a new danger on the Island

By Jeff Jensen
Jeff Jensen, an EW senior writer, has been despondent since the cancellation of ''Twin Peaks''''The Lie'' aspired to answer a question: Can Lost's new season 5 version of fragmented, time-toggling storytelling effectively sell an old fashioned Lost yarn built around a single character wrestling with a certain aspect of his or her past? The test subject for this experiment was Hurley. The emotional issue the show saddled him with was his profound guilt over lying about the Left Behinders still on the Island... wherever/whenever it may be. Could he make peace with the cover-up at the expense of compromising his values? Or would he trust his gut and come clean, even at the expense of inviting catastrophic consequences for himself and his friends?

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The Rush Blog said...

"Then Sun reminded her that she admired Kate's ability to make tough choices — like, say, the time she indirectly caused Jin's death so that the Oceanic 6 might live."

Or steal a child from his grandmother, with a lie.