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Friday, January 23, 2009

Rebecca Mader on Lost season five.

Mader talks about her favorite costars and her worldly commute.
Fred Topel, CraveOnline
January 22, 2009

By now, Rebecca Mader must be at least halfway through the fifth season of Lost. When we caught her last summer, she was just on break. With no knowledge of future scripts, she was deemed it safe for interview purposes, plausible deniability and all.

Crave Online: Is there anyone in the cast you're looking forward to working with?

Rebecca Mader: I was really excited to meet Terry O'Quinn. He's definitely my favorite character, as an audience member, before I joined the show. I find Terry O'Quinn and I find his character so captivating. I think just physically and I'm really interested in the mythology of Lost and I love the fact that his character has such an affinity to the island and the mythology of it. And he really, really cares about the island. He really believes in it. That to me is just so interesting. He definitely has that more so than any other character.

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