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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Evangeline Lilly's Rep Calls Auditions Report "Absolutely False"

Today 9:49 AM PST by Jennifer Godwin

In case you haven't heard, Zap2It's Korbi is reporting that Lost star Evangeline Lilly has auditioned for fall pilots and that her reps have told TV producers she would be available for a show. And if Lilly were on another show that shot in the fall that would obviously mean a Kate-less season six of Lost.

Unimaginable, right?

Well, we checked, and according to Lilly's publicist, the story is "absolutely false." To sum up: Evangeline Lilly is not auditioning for pilots. Evangeline Lilly is not available for pilots. Evangeline Lilly is not leaving Lost. (Hallelujah!)

A relief to be sure...Would you even be able to watch Lost if they cut out Kate and her related romantic storylines?

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