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Friday, February 27, 2009

Exclusive: Is 'Lost' Letting Evangeline Lilly Go?

Evangelinelilly If we're to believe last night's preview of next Wednesday's Lost, it would seem that the long awaited reunion of Sawyer and Kate (also know as "Skate" on these here internets) will soon be upon us. And so, the bitter debate regarding whom Ms. Austen loves more -- him or Jack -- will burn especially bright in the coming week. Will she live happily ever after with the quippy Southern con artist or the stressed out doc? I don't know ... Rumor has it, Kate might not live "ever after" at all.

Solid sources tell me exclusively that Evangeline Lilly is auditioning for pilots ... pilots that are intended to launch this fall. And Ms. Lilly's people apparently told producers she will be available. Say wha--??

Yeah, I can't make sense of it either. The notion that Lost producers would kill off Kate -- or have her disappear in any capacity -- before the series' final season seems preposterous. Still, no story development on this show would completely surprise me, as everything is clearly possible in the land of Lost. And the fact is, Lilly seems to be looking for work.

Now, for all those Island-obsessed, please know this is not a spoiler... just a fellow Lost fan trying to compute what she's seen and heard.

UPDATE: Lilly's Rep Denies, ABC Declines Comment


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