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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

(Misfit) BIGs SPOILErs for TONIGTHs episode!!

Yes It is I the GREAT spoilerGATOR back for more spoilers ON losts!! jay Jay Abrimhims AND carton Curse WILL be MAD at me for spilling THE news!!

MY fiend WHO works FOR columbian Television GOT hold of a Secret SUPER copy of tonights EPISODE called 317!!

here WE see a FLASHFORWARD with Bernhard (AKA the EVIL alfred Hano!!)!! It LOOKS like he IS in a HOSPITAL or some kind OF caring center OR a space shuttle!! This ONCE again Proves MY theory ABOUT him!! You can READ that THEORY here!!

It LOOKS like the CRAZED dentist has DEVELOPED some New PERsonalities!! Can THIS man GET any more Demented!!


Anonymous said...

I think you're wrong there, my friend. The stills that you got were from "Grey's Anatomy", where actor Sam Anderson (who plays Bernard in "Lost") guest-starred.

Paul Burrows said...

In case you didn't realize DavaoBase Misfit is a Lost spoof website. Misfit makes up false spoilers and reviews. Its all for a laugh.