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Friday, February 13, 2009

“This Place is Death” Thoughts

By Paul Burrows

Jin & Sun: Marwage is what brings THEM together
Back during season two we got another episode that had a big wedding ring theme. Jin was on the other side of the island with the Tailies and was returning to the base camp. Sun was freaking out because the bottle of raft letters had been found and she thought that Jin had died. Adding to her sadness she had lost her wedding ring which she actually ended up finding in the bottle of letters that gave her so much pain. The flashback jumped back & forth between their perspectives of the first time that they met. Which by the way shows us that Ji Yeon wasn’t the first time that we got a flashback that jumped back and forth between them, but this time it was the same time period.

In this Place is Death Jin tries to use his ring to keep Sun safe and away from the island, which ether through trickery on Locke or Ben’s part was used to convince Sun to come back to the island and that Jin was still alive. Both times finding the wedding ring gave Sun hope.

Danielle: 4 + X + 5 = 15
This is a prime example of this season. Darlton has been making the answers clearer and has been actually giving us some good stuff. But they are still withholding enough from each reveal to make for good debate. We saw Smokey go into a hole by some ruins, but is that the Temple or something else? We saw Danielle & the French team arrive and Montand losing his arm, but is the sickness in Danielle’s mind or is it something real? Did the Jughead become the Swan Hatch or something else? It’s all a little frustrating, but it makes for awesome debate. I know that X is being saved for season 6 so I have faith that it will all make since in the end. I’m just enjoying the ride. My favorite reference though was seeing the Music Box.

Charlotte: Narnia
In the Narnia series each time the kids came back they came in another manner. First through a Wardrobe then through the subway first during Narnia’s prime and then during a time that other forces had taken things over and things were in a state of ruin. We find out that Charlotte had been born on the island left and then returned and things were taken over by the Others. Just like how the Pevense’s got help from their past lives with their old weapons Charlotte was able to help Locke find the well because of the fact that her mind was jumping around to different times in her life. This also gave us more of her backstory, which unfortunately killed her. But fortunately we are bound to get more since one of the next flash jumps will be during Dharma in its prime.

Which speaking of literary references Locke’s falling down the well could have been yet another Alice In Wonderland reference and Christian is the White Rabbit as was refereed to in an early season 1 episode.

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