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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Gift From the Lost Gods: Daniel Dae Kim Is Here!

Happy Monday, tubers! If you were just as shocked about Jin hopping out of the Dharma V-dub bus as I was, you'd track down Daniel Dae Kim to get some answers, right? Well that's just what I did!

Not only is Jin alive and jumping through time, he's just flashed right on over to our set. But will he be flashing to his true love, Sun (Yunjin Kim)? Daniel Dae Kim is here to dish on that and more coming up on Lost, including secrets about our good friend Smokey.

Also, if you love Fringe (and who doesn't?), I've got the scoop on the Observer and a big twist coming its way. Yes, I said it! Plus, info on who spills the beans to Nora about Tommy's (Balthazar Getty) arrest on Brothers & Sisters, and the many pregnancies of Samantha Who? So click above and enjoy this week's episode of the Watch with Kristin show!

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