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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why the Death Poll is not a spoiler and my predictions

I was going to hide the death poll so as not to spoil it for those who don't want to be. But then I thought about it. Darlton so far has killed someone off every season at about the same time, near the end. Near the end of season 1 Boone & Arnt was killed off. Season 2 Anna Lucia & Libby were killed off. Season 3 Niaomi, Mikail, Tom, Charlie and a number of Others in the beach camp raid. Season 4 was Alex, Karl, Danielle, Keemy and his thugs. So its pretty safe to say that its not going to be a surprise that at least one person will die before the season ends.

My predictions as to who they will kill.

Freighter Crew: Usually the pattern is to introduce a group and then kill off all but a few at the end of the season, but because of the writers strike and fewer episodes last season we didn't get the important stories & information that the Freighter specialists would bring. But you saw how quickly Charlotte was offed once we got a little backstory. My guess is that just because of Daniels ability to explain hard science topics to the audience and because of the fact that he can preform needed science stuff he will probably be around for a long time. I would bet that ether Miles or Frank perform some big act that only they can do and then get killed off. Miles was uncharacteristically friendly with Sawyer in the after 3 years scene and that's usually a sign that a character will be killed off when they suddenly become more likable for example Shannon, Charlie & Charlotte. Or if they drift into the background like Danielle did in season 4. Miles did see the Statues so maybe he will be the one to investigate it and then die?

Juliet: My guess is that she will be around at least long enough to see the beginning of the baby curse and possibly it cure. But I could also see the quadrangle going back to a triangle.

Sayid: At the moment he doesn't have a story line, so he maybe going down Danielles road soon.

Rose & Bernard: See Sayid

Sun & Jin: They probably won't die until they are reunited and with Sun possibly being in a different time period then Jin that's not going to at least until the end of the season.

Richard: A lot revolves around him story wise & mystery wise, but this is the season for Old Others & Dharma answers so maybe we get the answers and he gets killed off?

Hurley: I could see him going like Charlie, but if we want answers to the numbers he kind of our guy.

Desmond: The Island still has use of him.

Ben & Widmore: The whole conflict revolves around them.

Mrs Hawkings: We probably haven't seen the last of her. She integral to the show like her son. If shes even living to begin with.

Near impossible:
Jack, Kate & Sawyer: Darlton has stated that the Triangle would not be answered until the series finale.

Vincent: Darlton has stated that Vincent will survive to the end of the series.

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