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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where are Rose & Bernard? Poll

Where are Rose & Bernard?

They have been time hopping with Sawyer's group, but on another part of the island
15 (51%)

Died during the flaming arrow attack
1 (3%)

Dead in the caves holding Black & White stones
2 (6%)

Time jumping at a different time sequence then Sawyers group
1 (3%)

They took a boat over to the island
0 (0%)

They found the Temple and are hanging out there
2 (6%)

Hanging out with the Others
6 (20%)

Hiding in a Dharma Station
2 (6%)

At sea
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 29


225712012 said...

I don't care much for polls, but I am beginning to visit your place more and more for some Lost stuff, and you deserve to have some comments.
So here's one.

Paul Burrows said...

Thanks for commenting, its always nice to get some. This blog spawned off of a talkback over at Aint It Cool, so most comments are made over there.
But I really love getting comments because it tells me who is visiting the site. I also use polls & these who join as an indicator.