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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thoughts on LAFLEUR

By Paul Burrows

Make Your Own Type of Music
Daniel added to his record analogy saying that the record had stopped, but they were on the wrong song. It reminded me of the beginning scene of season 2 with Desmond putting a record on the Hatch player and going about his morning routine, which was part of his daily life being trapped in the Hatch on the island. The song had the lines “Make your own music”. Which is a way of saying be yourself even when you become part of a group.


Stephanie said...

The interesting thing about Amy giving birth is she would not have been alive to get it on with Horace and have a child in '77 had Sawyer and Juliette not intervened and shot the Others in '74. It'll be interesting to see what the implications are. Will the child grow up and play a significant role for better or worse for the Losties?

Paul Burrows said...

Yeah Im excited to see what comes of it all. I hear a lot of fan speculation that its ether Ethan which brought trouble or Jacob since ghost Horace was building his cabin. But who knows?