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Friday, March 27, 2009

He’s Our You Thoughts

I’m glad that they brought back the flashbacks; I enjoyed the flash-forward’s and the jumping back & forth between OC 6 & island jumping. But it’s nice to go back to the flashbacks in order to find out more about each character. Although now its kind of hard to strictly call them flashbacks since they are in the characters past, but technically some of the scenes were what was known as Flash-forward’s. But ether way I love these types of flashes where you get to see a mix of before the crash and after the OC 6 leaving the island.

The first scene reminded me a lot of Eko’s flashback where Remi had to kill the old guy but Eko did it for him. The other scenes were great because they finally explained why Sayid stopped working for Ben & hated him so and why Sayid went to save Hurley. I loved Sayid's airport realization moment just like Franks of it looks like I’m going back to the island anyways.

Young Riddle/Voldemort
The scenes between Ben & Sayid remind me of the sixth Harry Potter book. Harry & Dumbledore visit some of Dumbledore’s memories to find out about Voldemort/Riddle and how to beat him. Little Ben reminded me of young Riddle. The mixture of horrible treatment by his Father and the choices he had made in his life lead to who he was at that moment. Just like Riddle you could see the evil already taking hold on his soul. Which lead to his fixation towards the Hostiles. Well that and the desire to get away from his abusive Father. Both children grew up to do horrible things because of what had been done to them and the choices they had made in life. As for Sayid Lost is all about Redemption so I’m betting that by the time the series ends Sayid will make the choice to stop killing.

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