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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ABC launching a college devoted to 'Lost'? Sign us up!

Jul 23, 2009, 08:53 AM by Jeff Jensen
For those of you currently enrolled in our EW University course on Lost (more essays to come over the next several days) and interested in pursuing graduate studies this fall, you're in luck: ABC is launching its own "Lost University," details of which are beginning to trickle out. Check out the very cool web presence at's Lost site, filled with course descriptions ("Introductory Physics of Time Travel"), selected reading ("A Treatise of Human Nature" by David Hume), and a faculty directory. Included among the many real-life academics on staff is actor Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday), who proved himself something of a science egghead the last time I interviewed him.

From the looks of it, "Lost University" is several things at once: pure fun (I love the mascot: a polar bear, of course); elaborate promotion for the Season 5 DVD (in stores later this year); and (possibly) a nifty alternate reality game designed to keep Lost top-of-mind in the months leading up to its sixth and final season. Visitors to Comic-Con this week are already finding clues (including a phone number for a "Professor Nusedorf:" 818-824-6300) suggesting that a major component to "Lost University" begins on September 22, a date of significance in Lost lore. (9/22/04: Oceanic 815 crashed on The Island. But you didn't need a college course to know that, right?) While I'm down at Comic-Con this weekend, I'll see if I can dig up any more info. Feel free to follow me on Twitter for updates: @ewdocjensen. Also: keep coming back to PopWatch all weekend long for updates about all of Comic-Con.

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