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Friday, July 24, 2009


After a busy day 2 of comic-con, I decided after finishing my planned activities for the day to just walk. I dint know how, I don't know why, but I'm one lucky mofo. Possibly the Irish in me came thru today.

I met Carlton & Damon today.

Not at a signing booth either. I was coming down the easclator by hall H, (where LOST is screening tomorrow) and I saw them. I did a double take, even took off my dr who 3-D glasses.

It was them.

They were talking to an event planner, maybe about tomorrows set up, cause they are usually in ballroom 20 upstairs. So, after they were done, the 3-4 ppl around hanging asked them to take pics.

They were very cool, shook hands, etc. I have a few pics and will post them tonight or tomorrow. I'm camping out later so unless I go to my friends at the Hilton with laptops, it'll have to wait.

Last night, my friend Adam from my Nyc LOST meetup group met and had a drink with Dominic Monhagn, (spelled wrong ) Charlie and asked him what's up with LOST. He said he couldn't say.

Well, he isn't listed in the whole cc program for panels or signings. So, what gives???
I asked D&C about Charlie and they played it off. WTF?

Anyway. Camping out. I'm from the BX, Ill survive.

Looking forward to a great panel.

Keep u guys posted!


Anonymous said...

Good stuff guys - keep it coming!

barfydog said...

Jeez Pa, 100 miles away. You're having so much fun. Wish I was in Dago. Keep up with the posts Pa. Love reading them. Thanks.