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Monday, July 27, 2009

Lost Auction Props

Lost had their booth in #315 which is actually on the far right of the Exibit floor which is where all of the booths that sell Comicbooks and collectible toys is. I found it odd that it was so far away all of the big movie & TV show presentations. There could be a reason for, but I can't think of it. After the series is ended they plan on auctioning off all of these props along with much more. It was cool being so close to it all.

Walt on a Milkbox (from Hurley's dream in season two of Jin in a chicken suit), Walts/Hurley's Spanish Comicbook, Virgin Mary Statues, Hurley's winning Lotto Ticket
Danielle's Island Map & Sayid's Notes
Closeup of Island Map
Dharma Jumpsuits (I think the Navy Blue one is Juliet's and the Tan one is La Fleur's if I remember correctly)
Jack's Hospital shirt and Charlie's Guitar

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