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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Comic Con!

Ok, got on here finally and am looking forward to contributing to the blog.
Sadly, I did all my packing and guess I must have lost my Shaun of the Dead costume. I was gonna wear it Saturday, but oh well.

Looking forward to a great panel, weekeend, etc.

I am just hoping that this is not the last one. There really should be a wrap up panel, but considering the increasing popularity that CC has become, I bet its difficult to book a show thats no longer on the air I guess.

Anyway, I'm planning on camping out Friday night after some clubbing and drinking in the Gaslamp area. This way I'll wait a whole night before, 12 hours and then make a dash to the entrance of the hall.....just to wait another 2 hours. Awesome huh?

Alright, good to be on here. Looking forward to sending some great updates.


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Paul Burrows said...

Great to have you on board!