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Saturday, July 25, 2009

LOST Panel from Comic Con!

By now I guess everyone's seen the video on youtube, but not the videos played during the segments. So, here's my report on the panel:

Ok, after sleeping a whopping 4 hours on the hall H lawn, I woke up at 7am and continued to wait until 10:15 till they started seating. Adam and I speedwalked our asses off because they didn't want any running but no way were we not making the front.We got very close, front benches stage right, 15 rows back. Not bad in a room that sits 6500.

Ok, here's my weigh-in:Around 5 till 11, cc panel director, Stephen Johnson addresses the crowd, acknowledges the camping out and goes into 2 short videos-1st is all the characters appearing as they do side by side on the DVD covers, but as each character appears, they fade to a black with only small parts of them showing. When all characters are done, they go to white, POOM! : LOST- underneath "THE FINAL SEASON" 2010.

Place goes nuts Next video is a mock college recruiting commercial called LOST 'U', as in university. It's very similar to the dharma recruiting they did last year. The site they plugged is:Lostuniversity.orgThey handed out these flyers at the LOST #315 booth for the university and on the back is a penciled number, 818-824-6300 for needing a TA. A professor Nussdoef is listed. Weird.

There's another video of a "retro" ABC tv show from the 70's, "Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative."Is sorta a conspiracy thing about dharma controlling society. The video had the bottom of the screens all messed up to give it an old feel to it. Not much, just images and voice over.

A video recap of the entire season 5 is played.Damon Lindenlot and Carlton Cuse, they are thrilled and sad about the panel but are stressing above all, this ones about Fan Appreciation.

They show some some fan films,The 1st is a mock brokeback mountain with Jack and Sawyer. Hysterical. Next is a weird al song with animated scenes from lost, decent.Toy figures of several losties lined up against the ny Yankees figures. Then they show the back of the yankees #'s, they read: 4 8 15 16 23 42 !Toy hurley busts out a gun and shoots all the Yankees! Awesome!Next, drugged out Jack from season 3 on the phone is calling xbox tech support cause his box has the blinking Red light. Nice dubbing with frustrating customer service op.Cuse: Says the question they get every year; is the show being made up as they go along? C&D both pull out a page each, Carlton pulls one out of a ankle knife holder, lol! Crowd pops!

With two keys each, They're locking the pages into a box for the audience. It will be taken to an undisclosed location, and, on the night of the series final, the executive producers will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live and will open the box and read the scene verbatim. D&C put the keys around their necks.Regarding the Q&A: They are giving a prize to any fan who says a secret word.

They play some Monty python music as a cue for what they will hear when secret word is spoken.1st fan question: Season 6 was said to have some similarities to Season 1. What does that mean?A: As soon as we were able to work toward an endpoint, we were closing a loop in certain ways. You'll see many characters you haven't seen since the first season.

Fan plant question. It's Paul Scherr of MTV's Human Giant. He's playing a crazed fan and did a painting on velvet of Damon and Carlton hugging a polar bear. He gives it to the on stage and plugs the

This I was PISSED at cause you should have seen the line for the Q&A. It went from behind the end of the 1st 3 main sections till the end of the room. They wasted this on a bullshit mock. I mean, yeah, kinda funny, but for the LAST LOST (btb caps) this panel shouldve been 2 hours long. as, LOST finales go....

2nd Fan asks: Is there chance we'll see Faraday happily married next year. The producers say, basically, he's dead, so probably not, but Faraday will be on the show next season.3rd Fan asks is season 6 will have flashbacks, specifically childhood flashbacks. According to the producers, the time-travel season is over the flash-forward season is over, and they're doing something different.

D&C talk more fans stuff. They had a contest to make a legit theme song. Carlton mocks the sound in the LOST title:"eeeeeeeeennnnnnrrrooooowwwww." lol! They play a video to the winners of the fan-made LOST theme music, with a cheesy Magnum P.I. type video! Sick ending as the end of it pauses on running down an other from the season 3 finale, with 'LOST' over the van!

D&C show a quick Oceanic air commercial, followed by:Mr. Clucks commercial,Very interesting. It's Hugo promoting his Australian style chicken. He also says he's been so happy after winning the lottery, and how he's been lucky and he's created this business from a vision he had in the outbacks of Australia. About chicken! He does a funny Australian accent! Good shit.

A clip from America's Most Wanted, featuring Kate Austin. Nothing interesting. Except that instead of the father being killed, his work assistant is murdered in the blast of the house...I overlooked this last time. I guess with Hurleys commercial and Kates change in the person that was killed...hmmmm...things have changed....Wow. I didnt even realize this. Somethings VERY different here. Maybe some foreshadowing?

Returning to the Q&A, Jorge Garcia is playing a "fan" and asks about the commercial, why they don't call him for panels, etc.He wants some answers about it; like if that means the island was a memory cause if Juliet detonated the bomb, the last 5 seasons wouldn't mean anything, lol! But he goes on about getting answers and asks:"In like, season 1, where uh Sayid tortures Saywer for the inhaler, and they find out he doesn't have did it go? Crowd died! Lol

So he's going on about getting answers. C&D say, Hurley, trust us, we will answer all important questions Hurley says, you said Nikki and Paolo were gonna be awesome tho, so... Huge pop. lol!

A voice off stage is mocking him. It's Michael Emerson, acting just like Ben! Insanity follows as fans flock to get pics.

Ben says there's a 2 question limit, and you're limited as it is already. Ben is talking about Hurley's character depth, saying at least the writers made the role of Ben, specifically for him. Hurley replies that Ben's upset cause Ben wanted to play Hurley. Hurley asks D&C for backup and they roll a Michael Emerson audition tape... he's auditioning for Hurley! Dressed in the t-shirt, with a bandanna, and even dropping the word "dude" every five seconds. It's the scene from the 1st scene when Hurley meets Sayid.Gold! At the end Emerson says to the casting director that, "this stuffs a little far fetched, but hey, they could like it.." grins, shakes head. Good stuff!

Fan question: When will get a Richard Alpert flashback, and does it have to do with the Black Rock in the middle of the island? They mention Richard's story is huge and they will address it.Next question: some sappy ass fan cries about Juliet dying and C&D confirm she will be back in season 6.

A planted audience member Bob Stencil, asks a Faraday complex time travel question, his nose bleeds and he says wait, I need my constant, pulls out a Dharma beer and he pounds it!
Funny, but not needed. So many fans got gipped who wanted to ask questions.

A Planted fan asks about Nestor Carbonell putting on eye-liner. They say, let's just ask him!Video plays, Richard is looking in a make up mirror talking to himself. 'Richard Alpert isn't are, YOU are!' Puts on eyeliner, pauses then looks at the pencil. Fuckin cobalt?! I said onyx! What the fuck is this minor league Comic-Con makeup shit?!" Sees the camera and throws a chair.Chair comes off the real stage followed by actor, Nestor Carbonell!

A fan (who looks likes Hurley) asks: What made the food drop in Season 2? Jorge Garcia: It comes from planes. The producers say that that is something that might be dealt with. Damon: NO!

Fan question: can you confirm the name of the person Jacob was talking to on the beach as Esau?Ben answers the question but uses a confusing phrase to basically say no. But does it as Ben's character.Darlton- NO!

Damon and Carlton plug hints at the secret word which is clearly Claire. Another Hurley look-alike asks about how much of a role Dharma will play this season. Not a huge one, according to the producers. They're working on other stuff.

All during the question fans are yelling for him to just say Claire! The dude asking the question is oblivious. Damon says less Dharma this season, but expect something different.

Fan question: Has Jacob has ever appeared as any other image than himself, such as Claire or other characters? "Claire" is the secret word, so this guy gets a Lost prop: A representation of the seagull Claire released in season 2, with the actual note.The answer to the question: NO.

D&C run a Sawyer montage,The chicks in the row in front of Adam and I were having a fit. I'm surprised they didn't throw underwear at him it was that bad. Josh Holloway shows up on stage!With headset mic. Josh is talking all kinds of trash, calling Damon, Linda, Lindsey, JJ, etc. Hysterical! Josh pretends to take a taser Damon and the sound effect goes off late!

He takes his key to the box, then turns on Carlton. He calls Carlton Frankenstein! Tells him to give up the key, slick. Carlton refuses, Josh puts Damons hand in the water pitcher and threatens to tase him again. Josh gets the key! They're opening the box...Sawyer takes the script.. and reads... but he doesn't have his glasses. So Ben Linus reads a scene about a burning circus tent, and "Sy-larr and Park-man and staring at each other. You're the last of the Petrellis, you need to come to reason or you can't exist. Ben continues to read and just stops and says "what the fuck is this shit!?" are you fucking kidding me?" crowd dies laughing!

We get a montage of everyone who died on the island. From season one on ending with a long montage of Charlie.Then, Charlie shows up!!! He waves to the crowd and the panel closes.

Excellent and worth the wait, camping, having pizza delivered to us on the lawn, drinking Jim Beam and sharing lost stories with 'the others' who camped out!

I'll be on AICN to check in the thoughts.


Paul Burrows said...

Hey thanks a lot for posting this report man! Im planning on posting tons of pictures of the Lost props at booth 315 along with some of my Comic-Con wanderings and a report on the Fringe panel.

Cheif Brody said...

Hey, ToughGuy! Thanks for that report! Watched the entire panel discussion on YouTube. Hilarious! Just wished the guy would have included the video inserts...he faded to black everytime Darlton tossed to a video. Said ABC forbid anyone to post the copyrighted footage and he feared his YouTube account might get banned if he showed them. But the new Oceanic commercial and Hurley's Mr. Cluck's commercial have made their way onto YouTube.
The thing I'm thinking is...they are trying to 'hint' that the Jughead plan worked. The Oceanic ad says "We're celebrating 30 years of an untarnished safety record"...Hmmmm....No 815 crash? And Hurley's Cluck ad makes it appear that Hurley still won the lottery....has had nothing but fantastic luck...and while in Austrailia, he came up with the idea to buy Mr. Clucks and the Austrailian chicken dinner. Hmmmm...He must have never gone to the island...and landed safely in LA?
Kate's AMW video (which I haven't seen) obviously has some 'revised' history, different from what we've been shown. But my mind tells me this is all a ruse. As Jorge said himself at the Con, having 815 land safely in LA, completely ERASES the past 5 seasons....a huge "cheat" as Jorge put it.
So, I'm thinking we will be 'tricked' in the opening moments of Season 6...we'll be back on 815 in 2004...There will be some turbulence....but 815 levels out...lands safely in LA...We'll see a montage of all our Losties departing the plane in slow motion...nobody knowing each other...Shannon & Boone...Ana Lucia...Arzt...Frogurt...passing each other...picking up their bags...then we will see he steps into the airport men's room...he'll splash some water in his face...and when he looks back up into the mirror...Christian will be standing behind him. He'll tell Jack he still has work to do.
Cut to Jack's eye opening...revealing he's laying on his back in his Dharma jumpsuit next to the imploded Swan hatch in 2007. The 'safe 815 landing' was all just a dream. POOM!
Thanks again for the report...Nice to hear it from a trusted 1st person report. Sorry you and Pa didn't get to ask any questions...but I think that was by design. All the plants...Jorge and was done on purpose, my friend. If they had left that Q & A to the 'open public' they would have been beseiged with questions they just couldn't answer. It's the last season...and they weren't about to answer any REAL always. But glad you got to meet them...that pic is awesome! Can't wait to see more!