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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everybody Loves Hugo Poll Results

What did you think of "Everybody Loves Hurley"?

So AWESOME that I have no fear about the rest of the series 11 (78%)

As GREAT as seeing Michael and Libby again 3 (21%)

OK 0 (0%)

As BAD as having a piece of Illana on you 0 (0%)

As HORRIBLE as being run over by Desmond 0 (0%)

Votes so far: 14

What were your favorate moments in "Everybody Loves Hugo"?

Hurley at Boone Hill 2 (20%)

Michael appearing to Hurley at Boone Hill 4 (40%)

Seeing Hurley's Mom again 1 (10%)

Illana blowing up 8 (80%)

Jack showing trust in Hurley 6 (60%)

Hurley blowing up the Black Rock 4 (40%)

Libby telling Hurley that they know each other somehow at the restaurant 5 (50%)

Hurley meeting with the Institute councilor again 2 (20%)

Desmond and Hurley's talk at Mr. Clucks 3 (30%)

Hurley and Libby finally getting to go on a picnic date! 6 (60%)

Michael revealing to Hurley what the whispers were 9 (90%)

Ben accusing Desmond of being a pervert 4 (40%)

Desmond running over Locke 8 (80%)

Desmond not fearing MIB/Locke and MIB trying to read Desmond 6 (60%)

MIB/Locke pushing Desmond down the well 4 (40%)

Hurley, Jack, Sun & Frank meeting with MIB/Locke and Jack's look of supprise 3 (30%)

Votes so far: 10

What did you think of Libby's guest spot in this episode?

Very Satisfying, enough backstory, great use of her in Hurley's Flash Sideways 6 (85%)

Satisfying, but I wish that we would have gotten more backstory 1 (14%)

Very disapointing 0 (0%)

I don't care ether way about Libby 0 (0%)

Votes so far: 7

Was the answer to the Whispers satisfying?

Yes 5 (71%)

No 2 (28%)

Votes so far: 7

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