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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"The Last Recruit" Poll Results

(Correction: as I post this I realize that I made a mistake on the last chioce of the first poll. Widmore was supposed to be MIB.)

What did you think of "The Last Recruit"

As AWESOME as Jin and Sun's reunion 8 (44%)

As GREAT as all of the Alt characters coming together 4 (22%)

OK 5 (27%)

As BAD as being blown up by Widmore's missile. 1 (5%)

As HORRIBLE as having Widmore tell you "you're with me now" 0 (0%)

Votes so far: 18

What were your favorate moments in "The Last Recruit"?

Jack and Locke's Meeting 9 (42%)

MIB/Locke revealing that he had posed as Christian in early season 1 8 (38%)

Alt. Sun recognizing John Locke 3 (14%)

Jack & Claire's sibling bonding moment 5 (23%)

Sawyer busting Sayid 4 (19%)

Hurley's Anakin comment 7 (33%)

Zoe's missile confrontation with MIB/Locke 1 (4%)

Alt. Des visiting with pregnant Claire 5 (23%)

Illana the lawyer 5 (23%)

Jame's moment with Kate 2 (9%)

Alt. Jack finding out about Claire being his sister 0 (0%)

Kate convincing Claire to go with them 4 (19%)

Jack telling Sawyer that he was sorry for getting Juliet killed 5 (23%)

Sayid & Desmonds moment at the well 7 (33%)

Jack choosing to leave the boat 10 (47%)

Sawyer's Burt Renolds and hairy chest comments 10 (47%)

Widmore shooting a missle at the beach 1 (4%)

Alt. Jin confirming that Ji Yeon is still alive 4 (19%)

Jin & Sun's reunion 9 (42%)

Votes so far: 21

Did Sayid kill Desmond?

Yes 1 (6%)

No 15 (93%)

Votes so far: 16

Is Jack really on MIB/Locke's side?

Yes 2 (13%)

No 13 (86%)

Votes so far: 15

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