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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happily Ever After Poll Results

What did you think of "Happily Ever After"?

So AWESOME it was my Constant! 12 (63%)

So GREAT it was my Happily Ever After! 5 (26%)

OK 2 (10%)

As BAD as getting your neck snapped by Sayid 0 (0%)

As HORRIBLE as being tested in Widmores Generator 0 (0%)

Votes so far: 19

What were your favorate moments in "Happily Ever After"?

Zoe's first test subject 0 (0%)

Desmond hitting Widmore with his IV stand 7 (41%)

Desmond & Claire's moment 2 (11%)

George Minkowski as a Limo Driver 4 (23%)

Desmond & Widmore moment 3 (17%)

"NOT PENNY'S BOAT" moment 12 (70%)

Desmond & Charlie's moments 5 (29%)

Eloise once again telling Desmond to not pursue Penny 8 (47%)

Daniel explaining the Flash Sideways and his notebook 13 (76%)

Desmond finding Penny at the Stadium 8 (47%)

Sayid taking out Widmore's men 2 (11%)

Desmond leaving with Sayid 3 (17%)

Another one 2 (11%)

Votes so far: 17

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