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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'Lost' Emmy mystery solved: Terry O'Quinn returns to the supporting-actor race

April 5, 2010 1:47 pm
Among all of the "Lost" cliffhangers looming as the past Emmy champ as best drama series (2006) airs its final TV episodes, fans wonder: Will Terry O'Quinn (winner, supporting actor in a drama, 2007) return to the derby after bowing out last year? And, if so, will he go lead or supporting? His role as the demonic "Man in Black" during the show's final season has been so prominent that he could certainly opt to jump up to the lead race.

But several months after Terry O'Quinn won in 2007, he told viewers of "The View" that he might not leap into any Emmy race: "My view was that, when you win an Emmy for a role, you ought to be ineligible for it again – for a while – maybe for a year or two or maybe not at all – till you get another role."

Apparently, O'Quinn now believes enough time has passed since his victory. He's rejoining the derby – and going supporting. He told our forums moderator Chris "Boomer" Beachum that he's going supporting because "all roles are supporting … whatever one calls them."

"I'm happy Terry's back in the race," cheers our other forums moderator Robert "Rob L" Licuria ( "He's the favorite."

Boomer notes that O'Quinn lived up to his promise to step aside after winning, "but obviously decided to take one last shot since the show is going off the air. He also has somewhat of a loophole in his theory since he isn't exactly playing 'John Locke' anymore. His character technically died and that body is inhabited by a dark possibly evil character usually called the 'Man in Black.'"

Here are the opinions of two of our forum posters. MissyGal says, "Well, that solidifies that O'Quinn and Michael Emerson will land supporting nods. As this point, I can't see O'Quinn losing." Hodag129 confesses, "Mixed feelings ... This essentially kills any shot Josh Holloway had at getting a nom. There's just too many other great supporting actors I cant see Lost getting 3 noms in this category. Unless Holloway does something amazing here in the finale and gets a lot of buzz."

O'Quinn's return to the Emmy supporting race sets up a sensitive clash: He'll compete against costar Michael Emerson, who won last year. Other strong contenders include 2009 nominees Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad") and John Slattery ("Mad Men"). Patrick Dempsey ("Grey's Anatomy") and Vincent Kartheiser ("Mad Men") are also hefty contenders plus newcomers John Goodman ("Treme"), Craig T. Nelson ("Parenthood"), Chris Noth ("The Good Wife") and Campbell Scott and Martin Short ("Damages").

Below, watch O'Quinn's appearance on "The View" in 2008 when he voiced his plan to bow out of the derby. The discussion begins about five minutes into this clip.

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