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Friday, April 16, 2010


A friend of mine Anna Naranja who runs the awesome Lost blog "The Four Toed Foot" brought this to my attention. Three guys are having a Lost series marathon and using the opportunity to raise money for three charities and are asking for participation in this great endeavor. I borrowed this from the website.

Author David J. Schwartz once wrote, “All great achievements require time.” For LOST-A-THON, that’s 94 hours of straight television watching.

On May 23, 2010 ABC will air the series finale of its ground-breaking show, LOST. There may be no better way to mark this historic occasion than by attempting to achieve the most epic television marathon of this century.
Welcome to the LOST-A-THON, an event where long-time-ago college roommates Aaron Rosenthal, Alex Green, and Mike Berlin will attempt to watch every minute of every LOST episode – beginning with the LOST series pilot and ending with the LIVE broadcast of the series finale – BACK to BACK! Once complete, we hope to set a new Guinness World Record for the most consecutive hours of television watched in a single sitting (clocking in at ~94 hours total).

Besides indulging our senses in a barrage of LOST episodes, our passion and driving force is to raise over $100,000 for charity as we attempt to mount the Everest of inertia. To accomplish this remarkable feat, we shall forgo common sense, forfeit four days of over-valued rest & relaxation, and most importantly attract support for our charities from LOST fans near and far.

Why are we doing this?
Aaron, Alex, and Mike love LOST, and we also believe heavily in our three charities. Mix these two ideas together, sprinkle in a little crazy dust, and we have LOST-A-THON, a charitable venture centered around the potentially life-altering conclusion of what we believe to be the most remarkable television series of all time.

Our goal; to have some fun, draw support for our awesome causes, and celebrate the unfortunate end to LOST.

We’ll be raising money for three charitable organizations, each 0ne focused on causes we believe have a significant benefit to our society and a special connection to the “LOST” world:

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
Doctors Without Borders
The Nature Conservancy
We are calling every LOST fan, family member, friend, coworker, even that “guy who hates LOST because he watched some episode in season 4 one day and “didn’t get it” but still refused to start from the beginning” to go donate now and show support for our charities, their causes and our LOST-A-THON record breaking attempt.

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