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Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Lost' recap: The End Begins Now

Desmond's big showcase -- and the season's best episode -- launches 'Lost' into its endgame
By Jeff Jensen Apr 07, 2010

OH, THE HUME-ANITY Sideways Desmond and Island Desmond are starting to put things together.

''NOT PENNY'S BOAT.'' They might be the most chilling words in all of Lost lore. (Runner-up: ''We're going to have to take the boy.'' — Mr. Friendly, season 1.) When we first saw them penned in black marker on the palm of Charlie Pace's hand in the finale of season 3, they expressed a heartbreaking discovery. Desmond Hume's vision of escape, reunion with loved ones, and happily ever after for all the castaways was a lie at worst, plain wrong at best. Last night, a different Desmond plunged into the oceanic depths and read a different Charlie's palm. He saw nothing at first — and then he saw everything. In a flash, Sideways Desmond Hume forged a link with his Island world doppelganger and downloaded his memory of ''NOT PENNY'S BOAT.'' Yet what was a dispiriting moment for Island Desmond was full of spirit for Sideways Desmond. For him, ''NOT PENNY'S BOAT'' was a call to hope; a call to faith; a call to something more hopeful than the lonely island of himself. In the gloomy shadows of a watery underworld, the Scotsman with the famous philosopher's name found enlightenment.

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