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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"The Package" Poll Results

What did you think of "The Package"

As AWESOME as Jin getting to see Ji Yeon for the first time. 5 (35%)

As GREAT as Sun's flirtation 5 (35%)

OK 4 (28%)

As BAD as Zoe's botched MIB camp raid 0 (0%)

As HORRIBLE as having to listen to Keemy's creepy thoughts about love 0 (0%)

Votes so far: 14

What were your favorate moments in "The Package"?

Sun's flirtation with Jin 6 (35%)

Seeing Keemy and Omar again 3 (17%)

Mikail!!!!! 6 (35%)

Omar's reply to Keemy's Arab comment 2 (11%)

Keemy talking to Jin about what the heart wants 2 (11%)

Zoe's raid on MIB's camp 3 (17%)

MIB/Locke's meeting with Sun 3 (17%)

Sun in her gardin again 2 (11%)

Jin seeing Ji Yeon for the first time 10 (58%)

Room 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 (47%)

The Desmond reveal 9 (52%)

Sayid coming up from the water 3 (17%)

The MIB/Locke Widmore confrontation 6 (35%)

Sun's Aphasia 0 (0%)

Sun and Jack's conversation on the beach 6 (35%)

Widmore meeting with Jin 1 (5%)

Votes so far: 17

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