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Friday, September 19, 2008

CAUTION SPOILERS: Actual Season 5 Footage. Really.

Very cool footage of Lost filming in Keehi Lagoon. The start of the video provides some good, clear shots of Desmond and another actor rehearsing some lines on a dock. If you remain patient, and suffer through the requisite goofiness of folks doing their home video stuff, the end of the video provides for a genuine fix for your Lost Jonze.

The scene is shot several times and involves Desmond running ahead of an asian actor, turning and jumping into a boat while yelling different variations of "Penny, we're here!"

I can only speak for myself, but seeing Des doing his thing, in character, and within a story of season 5 just got my LostGeek levels spiking into critical. Just awesome .


Edshrinker said...

If you Pause it around 4:42-4:44...Henry Ian Cusack is talking to a beautiful, busty blonde that I swear is Sonya Walger. Which makes sense since he is running to Penny who is supposedly on the boat.

This is all so awesome and answers a very big question for me. Even though Des and Penny are getting what I posited as "The Perfect Ending" by running away together and sailing the seas - disappearing to the world (I LOVE being right about that)...they apparently do not get "Happily Ever-After". The feeling from the footage is that they are on the run and in some trouble.

Capcom said...

Super awesome! :-D