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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Will The Questions Be Unanswered?

" seems that in almost every interview the Lost show runners... give, the duo sends out subtle hints that Lost shouldn't be about the answers, and that sometimes it's more desirable to leave some issues open for debate. In theory, this is a fine sentiment. Unfortunately, this is not what the Lost fans expect, nor is it what they want."
Interesting short article at Buddy TV commenting on some remarks JJ Abrams made in an interview with the Onion AV Club.

JJ says: "I feel like in telling stories, there are the things the audience thinks are important, and then there are the things that are actually important."
The columnist ponders: "couldn't Abrams' thoughts here be a subtle warning that Lost fans may never get the answers they think they will?"
There's also a survey (with 86% if respondents stating they expect the answers) and a lengthy comment forum with thought provoking remarks such as: "Twin Peaks is debated still, with conventions every year, and we the audience still don't have a clue what is was all about".

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