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Monday, September 22, 2008

Today on Lost: Day 1 - Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Day 1 - Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"Ji Yeon"

The date that Jin supposedly died, as seen on his grave.

"Live Together, Die Alone"

Desmond follows Kelvin out of the Hatch, and comes upon him repairing the Elizabeth. Enraged at being deceived, Desmond attacks and accidentally kills Kelvin.
When Desmond returns to the Swan, the computer has reached system failure and is beginning to release an electromagnetic pulse, causing the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

"A Tale of Two Cities"

The Barracks is shaken, like an earthquake. The Others witness Flight 815 break up and crash on the Island. Ben sends Goodwin to infiltrate the tail section survivors at one side of the Island, and Ethan Rom to infiltrate the fuselage survivors elsewhere. Both are ordered to return with lists within three days.

"So It Begins"

Jack is thrown a distance from the wreckage into the jungle, unconscious. "Christian Shephard" sends Vincent to wake Jack as he has "work to do".

"Pilot, Part 1"

Jack awakens in a bamboo thicket, and sees Vincent run past. He gets to his feet and makes his way to the beach, where the survivors are panicking and calling out for their loved ones. Gary Troup is killed when he is sucked into one of Flight 815's engines. With Boone's help, Jack manages to resuscitate Rose and looks after Claire.


John Locke discovers that he can use his legs again.


Nikki searches through the wreckage, searching for Paulo. She finds him staring out at the ocean, stunned, and asks immediately where the diamonds are.

"The Other 48 Days"

Meanwhile, Ana Lucia, Libby and Mr. Eko lead rescue efforts among the tail section survivors. Goodwin rushes out of the jungle calling for help to rescue Bernard from a tree.
Ana Lucia resuscitates Emma, and promises to get her and Zach home to their mother.
"One of Us"

Immediately after the crash, Ben takes Juliet to visit The Flame communications station. A video link to Florida shows that Juliet's sister is alive and has a son. There is News footage of the missing plane. Mikhail is starting to gather information on Oceanic Flight 815's passengers and crew.

"Greatest Hits"

(night) Charlie's relationship with Claire begins when he starts to help and reassure her after the crash.

"Pilot, Part 1"

(night) Charlie and Sayid build a signal fire, to no avail. In the jungle near the middle-section crash site, the Monster uproots trees and makes frightening noises.

"The Other 48 Days"

(night) The Others kidnap three people from the tail section survivors. They try to take Eko, but he fights them off, killing two.

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