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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Story Of Jacob. Act Four.

The cosmic alien sentience at the beating heart of the island sought to drive the ship away. And an occult curse struggled to keep the Black Rock from nearing dry land. But sometimes cosmic energy and occult powers and the simple forces or nature - the wind and the currents and the planets orbit - all struggle at cross purposes. A great perfect storm was created and the sea opened up like a great maw to swallow the Black Rock whole but it's morsel was plucked away by hurricane winds that sent the comparatively fragile vessel hurtling through the sky from one spot in space to another, hundreds of feet directly above the island. Gravity did the rest. The magickal spell held sway and even as the ship plummeted towards the Island the the Black Rock was caught up in a ball of lightning that connected the forces of the planets atmosphere with the Island's bizarre electro-magnetic resonance. Most of the Pirates were reduced to ash - only Captain Alpert was spared and he was struck blind. And deep in the hold Jacob, sealed in a box lined with the soil of his homeland, survived.

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