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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mah Brotha! Guess Who Has Popped Up!?!

Hey All,
Hot off the digital presses we finally get a confirmation about a Desmond sighting!! Our good friend Ryan once again found his way to the LOST set today and was able to provide us with a new report. Ryan was able to confirm that Henry Ian Cusick was indeed on set and he was able to watch a couple of scenes.

It seems like Des has found his way to a Philippines beach market and is looking for someone!? Nope not Penny, but Ryan posts that it seems like someone named: Althea or Theone with a last name of Salonga.

What do you think this could all mean!? Is this a Des Centric episode!? Is he mind flashing again!?

Here are some of the key points from the report along with some new set pics:

When action was called, Henry Ian Cusick raced into the heart of the bustling marketplace. Desmond was out of breath, sweaty, wearing an unbuttoned maroon paisley shirt rolled up to his elbows, light khaki pants, and blue canvas shoes. He was clutching a piece of paper, reading it, then scanning the crowd frantically. He called out a name, over and over, stopping and saying it to perplexed faces.

He was looking for someone, but losing hope.

Try as I might, I couldn’t make out the first name. Althea? Theone? Was it a man, a woman, a child? From context, I’d guess it was a male name. But the last name was clear as day: Salonga.

Between takes, hair and makeup sprayed down Cusick’s shirt, face and chest with water, but not all the sweat was fake. He passed the time with a jumprope, jumping briskly while the director gave him advice on how to handle the scene.

Read Full Report Here: Hawaii Blog

View More Pics Here: Ryan's Flickr

Posted By: The ODI


Edshrinker said...

I hope this is an indication - lots - o - Des for Season 5, despite the 'happily ever after" of Season 4.

Capcom said...

Sweet. I also firgured that they'd be done with Des for a while after their moment of happy endings on the boat. Unless...Ben's threat to Widmore comes to fruition. :-o

Gosh, I hope that Ben doesn't force Sayid into killing Penny too. Sayid's got to find a place to draw the line somewhere.