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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Spy

Allrighty Losties. I Spy an important Lost Character. Who is he/she?


rbrog77 said...

Hurley? Far right front row?

Paul Burrows said...

Lance Riddick in the middle?

Edshrinker said...

I love it. I thought you all were as big as geeks as I am! But no, it appears I am THE Boss Geek!

That is the cast of Babylon 5. The Lost cast member is not survivor of 815, but a compelling character that has been around in seasons 1-4.

One more hint. In the picture, the Lostie was a B5 alien.

awaxye said...

It's Danielle in the front row, 2nd from the left

awaxye said...
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Edshrinker said...

We have a winner. Mira Furlan as Delenn in all her boneheaded glory. A Minbari Hottie that wins Bruce Boxleitner heart. Now our dead Danielle on LOST.

FYI, that is Bill Mumy from Lost in Space (Danger Danger Will Robinson) as a fellow bonehead Minbari next to her.