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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CafePress Design Contest

CafePress is having a design contest.

To enter, just create LOST designs on t-shirts for one or more of the categories below;
* The Island (Themes: monsters, magical, healing, powers, move the island)
* Dharma Initiative (Themes: Hanso foundation, Dr. Pierre Chang, stations e.g. The Hatch, The Orchid, The Looking Glass)
* Airlines (Themes: Oceanic, flight 815, Oceanic 6, castaways, plane crash, Ajira Airways, Frank Lapidus)
* Love “Square” (Themes: Jack/Kate, Sawyer/Kate, Jack/Juliet, Sawyer/Juliet, Kate/Jack/Sawyer, Kate/Juliet/Sawyer)
* The Others (Themes: Natives, Hostiles, Ben, Ethan, Richard, Jacob god-like being, “the list”, Barracks)

There will be a winner from each category. The category prize is: $200 CafePress gift certificate, LOST seasons 1-5 DVD box sets, and a T-shirt signed by some of the LOST cast!

A LOST producer will select the grand prize winner from the category winners. The grand prize is a trip for two to Oahu, Hawaii for 4 nights!

All the information to enter can be found on the contest page, including how to get a submission:

PS. Here's a write up by the Examiner for our ABC deal and design contest:

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