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A gathering place for those who love the ABC TV show Lost. This blog was started by a group of Fans who kept the Season 3 finale talkback at Ain't It going all the way until the première of the 4th season as a way to share images, news, spoilers, artwork, fan fiction and much more. Please come back often and become part of our community.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Zort70 of The LOST ARGs was kind enough to plug Room 23 store and my designs. I have been following Lost ARGs ever since Damon, Carlton and a Polarbear ARG first started and off and on before that. This blog is THE best resource for Polarbear related prints and all of the previous ARGs. The comments area is also an awesome place to just hang out and discuss Lost Prints and other Lost related stuff!


Team Jack said...

Hi, my name is Amy & I met you while in line for the Lost signings at D23. We also ran into each other again at the Gallery 1988 event. Saw the post on LostArgs about your site. So glad you got everything squared away and have your cards up for sale now. They are so fantastic! Just wanted to say hi and congrats! :)

Paul Burrows said...

Hey Amy!

It was great running into you at those two events. I've actually had the store up since November/December but am finally getting around to really pushing it all. Thanks for the kind words.