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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doc Jensen: 'Lost:' The one scene you MUST watch before tomorrow's premiere

by Jeff Jensen

One more day until revelation. Or maybe “The Book of Revelation,” if the final season of Lost is as apocalyptic as so many fans have theorized, with all its capricious deities and judgmental monsters and damned souls. The fan base is galvanized. Last night in Hawaii, thousands of people turned out to meet the cast and watch the first hour of the two-hour premiere (Feb. 2, 9 PM and on ABC) on the beach in Oahu. The initial reaction from fans via Twitter have been raves. “The first hr of S6 is INCREDIBLE. Will say no more,” tweeted Lost blogger Jo Garfein, aka jopinionated (@jopinionated). Said the illustrious team of Jay and Jack of “The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack” (@jayandjack): “Whew what a premiere … I must say for the people that doubted the powers that be, the premiere was awesome!”

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