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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Lost' recap: The Man With the Plan

Fake Locke gives us clues to Island mythology (maybe), and we check out all that's right with Sideways Locke's life
By Jeff Jensen Feb 17, 2010

Here lies John Locke, and in more ways than one. In fact, in last night's Now the season has REALLY begun episode of Lost, ''The Substitute,'' we were given three different John Lockes. (Maybe even four, if you believe my contention that Sawyer has become a surrogate Locke in the story. More on that later.) Officially, there was John Locke the Island adventurer, now a ripe, sun-bleached corpse buried six feet under on Boone Hill after Captain Frank Lapidus declared the impromptu graveside service ''the weirdest damn funeral'' he'd ever been to. There was ''John Locke,'' aka the Locke-ness Monster, the fearsome Island entity now wearing the Ben-murdered castaway's visage, who oozed sincerity as he/it/whatever downloaded oodles of noodle-expanding mythology... although can we really trust him/it/whatever? And there was Sideways John Locke, a tough and tender man, so superior to his dead Island doppelganger in many ways, save possibly one. We met him as he fell flat on his face, yet another humiliation for a soul who seems to be destined to suffer a daily diet of humiliations no matter which ''island universe'' he happens to reside upon. But this John Locke can laugh when the fates make fun of him. This John Locke has the self-awareness and strength to grow and change. And this John Locke is loved, and better, he knows it, and we were reminded last night how much we need that kind of love, both to flourish and survive. Especially if you have to spend long days at work enduring the prickly interoffice machinations — severe coffee making retinue — of Benjamin Linus. (Who would win in a sneer-off: Professor Snape or Professor Linus? Debate!),,20313460_20344822,00.html?ew_packageID=20313460?xid=email-alert-lost-20100217-item1

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