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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stream of Consciousness: Lost - The Lost Blogging Collective - Q&A Week #2

This weeks questions are about if Lost is a Game and who Kate will end up. This has been really fun answering these questions!

Games have been mentioned continually throughout the series - from Locke's backgammon allegories, to Jacob's talk of a "loophole". This week, Sawyer described Sayid's resurrection as him earning "another go around".

Do you believe the Lost characters are taking part in some kind of game/test, and if so, how can they possibly win/pass this scenario?


On a lighter note, Kate just can't stop following Sawyer around!! I know it is a question that a large part of the fandom love to ask (and an equally large number loathe to hear), so let's get it out of the way.

Who will Kate finally "end up" with?

Now, on with the answers!!

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