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Friday, February 26, 2010

Candidates Numbers compared to verses from Psalms

One of our great readers and also one of the Talkbackers at Ain't It Cool sent thins interesting theory to me, which I thought that I'd pass along. He compares the candidates numbers with Biblical Psalms of the same number and finds some interesting similarities. Thanks Brent!


Ive never written on a message board or even e-mailed anybody Lost stuff other than my friends. I'm sure you have run into this now that the names and # have been revealed on who they correspond to...BUT. My wife did some digging. Though you might be interested just in case you have NOT been sent this. Take a look at the following psalms and how they match up with the individual we know of:

Psalms in the Bible:

#4 Locke - Psalm 4 ( )

#8 Hurley - Psalm 8 ( )

#15 Sawyer - Psalm 15 ( )

#16 Sayid - Psalm 16 ( )

#23 Jack - Pslam 23 ("The Lord is my Shepherd" )

#42 Kwon - Psalm 42 ( )

Psalm 108 - Psalm of David ... very interesting verses here

#51 Kate - Psalm 51 ("Create in me a Clean Heart" ... )

There was a post on AICN talk backs that mentioned some "spoilers" and that the island was a 4 letter word that didnt include an A or an E

ZION? 4-letter word?

Sorry to bug you..Love your site and thought I might try and contribute something!

Brent Sander

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