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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dharma 08 vid. The baby is Charlotte? Erm…NOPE!

By MidnightDraven

Created: Jul 30, 2008

Miles is the only person that appears not to have an actual reason for being there.
— MidnightDraven

Ok, when Chang asks whoever to take the baby outside, he refers to the baby as a he.
We all assume the baby is Charlotte because she is the one who mentions that she is trying to find out where she is born.

What also struck me was, if the baby had been Charlotte and other theories are Dan is the father, why would Cheng be so forceful about the baby if it had not been his. You would assume someone else would get the baby outside.

All 4 of the friegher people have a reason to be on the island: Daniel, in some form wants to study the island, or wants to help the DI; Lapidus was supposed to be the pilot of 815, so he maybe hoping to find the pilot who he knew; and Charlotte is looking for where she was born. Miles is the only person that appears not to have an actual reason for being there. The only thing we know about him, is that he can talk to dead people.

My theory is, the baby in the Dharma ComicCon 08 video, is Miles, and Cheng is the father. Miles is there to talk to his dead dad.

(this theory comes from DocArzt’s Lost Blog and his theory about this. Just thought it was worth mentioning here too).

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