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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The End (Finally) OF the Longest Poll in History

Actually, I have no idea if the heading is true, but it certainly feels true as this was the longest running poll in Room 23 history.

In Less Than 72 will be OVER (for 8 months). What Will You Do With The Time/Energy/Brain Invested in LOST Since January?

And survey says:

Start from the Pilot and begin my rewatch while searching the internet for any Lost news. 36% (27)

Hope Summer movies keep me distracted until Dexter. 12% (9)

Download the full 4 seasons of that crazy Battlestar Galactica everyone raves about. 5% (4)

Hit the pharmacy, refill the pills and beer, and pretend I'm O-6 Jack until at least Christmas. 25% (19)

Read a book, step outside, explore a social life, shower, etc... 36% (27)

Other 9% (7)

I guess it is reassuring as many people will be showering as rewatching the entirety of LOST from the beginning. I had planned on showering, but then hitting the pharmacy to make like Jack. I've seen Battlestar and Dexter is less than 2 months away. I guess I should have included, "All of the Above".

Speaking of the official Room 23 "Watchback", it is hard to believe we are still in season 1 and we will have blazed through all four seasons before a new episode of LOST airs.

Uncontrollable sobbing ensues. Time for another trip to Walgreens. Wait up, Jack.


anna naranja said...

great poll! LOL

i've, um, already been making like jack for the last few months...stupid back problems...heck, i didn't even know they still made OxyContin until my recent Rx called for it!

but i've also been rewatching season one...a friend of mine has had my set for so long and i've been craving it so intensely that i just gave up and bought a brand new one.

yeah that's right. i'm hardcore.


Paul Burrows said...

Anna, so where are you on your watchback of season 1? You are welcome to join us on ours we watch the episode on Thursday & Saturday nights and discuss it at our Ain't It Cool Talkback some post thoughts here. The next watchback is Sun August 3, 2008 Numbers and the schedule is on the sidebar area of this blog. Our Watchback needs more life so any help would be good!