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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jesse Heiman (Dan Bronson) Speaks!!

Posted by The ODI at 02:13

So last week after some LOST fans found Jesse Heiman (Dan Bronson) on Facebook, I decided to search MySpace and found him.

Well I sent him a message and he has finally ummm replied. Whether this is a hint or what this all means I have no idea, but maybe you all can figure it out. Maybe something happened in November in Utah or he is just being evasive?

He does have a photo album titled Utah on MySpace, but nothing out of the ordinary that I could see.

Well check out the message:

My Mssg: Hello Jesse,Is there any thing you can divulge about your experience with the OGR?? What they did to you or what happened during your test?

ThanksThe ODI Jesse's Reply: I was in Utah for the entire month of November

Source: The ODI

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