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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Little ARG That Failed

This doesn't really have much to do with Lost, but I thought that it was kind of funny since Dharma is currently "marketing" to us through their ARG game.


Anonymous said...

I would tend to disagree with the statements you are making in your article. I think it is quite easy to mock someone else's perceived lack of creativity but not as easy to create your own creative solutions. I think that there are unique and creative people within the ARG community who seek to create games as mediums to tell stories, they may stumble but they are working hard to create a new form of art. I think you do an injustice to the form of expression by mocking it when what you could be doing is adding to the content with your own creative solutions, instead of just trying to bring it down in a half baked attempt. Handing out some post cards at a Con does not (IMO) constitute a rabbit hole (the traditional point of entry into an ARG). Although technically anything goes usually people put quite a bit of effort into making realistic and unique rabbit holes as ports of entry into a game space.

I also tend to disagree that you need lots of money to create a good game (not to mention that you were contradicting yourself by suggesting that as you were just putting down big money games and calling them lame). I think all you need is a solid base, a creative idea and lots of dedication to produce a good ARG. That being said the production side is not for everyone and I would not suggest it to just anyone. Either way the point is money and brain washing is not all there is to ARG's, I believe people are really trying to tap into the essence of the internet (a massive emergent system) and create communications systems and invent new forms of storytelling and art that utilize this new system. And if people have found a way to make money off ARGs, more power to them.

Like any community and burgeoning art form ARGs have their ups and downs but I think overall the spirit is there and to simply dismiss it is a little bit sad. It sounds like you had the seed for what might be a cool game, even if it is a parody game that might be an interesting thing to experiment with. I think you should reconsider and give it a real shot, you might just surprise yourself.

In the meantime google; World Without Oil, Perplex City and Cathy's Book. These are some ARG's that are not only unique (and non-promotional) but have potential sociological implications as well.

Best of luck to you and I hope you can find a form of entertainment you enjoy (if you cannot find it in the world of ARG's).

Paul Burrows said...

Satr Spider - Part of the problem is that I usualy post link when I use other peoples articles. So thats my fault. Im usually better about that. Having said that you were confused, I did not write the article, I found it somewhere.

At the same time I believe that just like you have a right to your oppinion, they have a right to theirs. Both have merits. Thank you though for taking the time to share your opinion. Its always good to see different viewpoints.

Paul Burrows said...

I ment Star Spider