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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whose Picture, What Frame, and Why?

The Original pictured carried by Mr Eko of himself and his brother Yemi

As a bit of fun, I thought I would address the infamous "Picture Controversy" from Season 4 Episode 2, Presumed Dead.

In the scene, Miles enters the house of woman who wishes her son to be put at rest. The picture on the wall, which is hung on by the camera twice, seems to be a message of sorts from writer to viewer. The picture has a striking resemblance to Mr Eko and what is found in "Eko's" room
just happenes to be a wad of cash and heroin...the product of choice for Mr Eko in his younger years. Another strange event is the frames all change from the time Miles enters the house to the time he finishes and walks back down the stairs.

Picture as Miles Enters Home
Same Picture as Miles Enters
Same Picture Once again...Except this is as Miles is leaving. Notice the frames have changed in every picture, though it appears the pictures are the same.

So - it requires some leaps, but the pictures themselves are so close to each other it is a convincing arguement that the boy grandma is worried about is Eko. Also, the way the camera holds position on the pictures leads the viewer to think there is some importance to the picture.

What do you think? Sumbit your thoughts in our comments section!


HoboCode said...

This one really cooks my brain. I can't decide whether the pictures changing was on purpose or just a set design fuck up by the crew. Regardless the picture in the house looks more like the younger kid to me, which is Yemi and not Eko, right?

Edshrinker said...

In just looking how the pics are set up - I almost want to say, they were shot initially with both Yemi and Wko in them....but one of them was erased from history due to the plane crash. I believe it is Yemi because my eyes tell me the kid in the pic is Eko. Plus - Eko was transporting Heroin, and that is what Miles found in the wall.

I think the future was altered when Yemi was killed and his picture has faded from the pics of him and Eko.

anna naranja said...

oh my gosh i am so excited that you posted about this! i made one eons ago and was ridiculed...

now, at the time (haha "time") i did not necessarily believe that was eko and/or yemi in those photos. but now with miles's odd connection to the Island as well i am reconsidering this...

no mater what, i do NOT believe it was a mere set error. i have been wondering if ms.hawking was really telling us the truth...and if the past cannot be altered after all...