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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Across the Sea Poll results

This was an extremely polarizing episode, I personally loved it, but I can understand why those who didn't like it didn't. I'm extremely excited for the last two episode, but I'm sad that this time next week it will be all over.

What did you think of "Across the Sea"?

Just everything was AWESOME
6 (27%)

As GREAT as the Cave of Light
2 (9%)

7 (31%)

As BAD as being burned to death
2 (9%)

As HORRIBLE as being thrown in the Cave of Light
5 (22%)

Votes so far: 22

What were your favorite moments in "Across the Sea"?

Claudia giving birth to Jacob and MIB
2 (20%)

The Woman killing Claudia
0 (0%)

Young MIB finding the game
3 (30%)

Fake Mother working on the loom
1 (10%)

Fake Mother telling MIB that he is "Special"
2 (20%)

Fake Mother taking Young Jacob and MIB to the cave of light
2 (20%)

Claudia appearing to Young MIB
1 (10%)

The Donkey Wheel Revelation
3 (30%)

Fake Mother making Jacob her successor
3 (30%)

MIB killing Fake Mother
2 (20%)

Jacob shoving MIB into the Cave of Light and Smokey coming out
8 (80%)

The Adam and Eve Skeleton reveal
5 (50%)

The Adam and Eve Skeleton Flashback
2 (20%)

Votes so far: 10

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