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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Photos: 'Lost' crew members get their own exhibit

May 03, 2010

A show as elaborate as Lost requires an extensive cast and crew to piece together. Sadly, we won't be hearing much from them after the series ends May 23 ... although a new exhibit spotlights several of their contributions.

Later this month, New York's Vilcek Foundation will open an exhibition featuring "original images and profiles of immigrant and first-generation members of the Lost creative team."

"The Vilcek Foundation Celebrates Lost: A Showcase of the International Artists and Filmmakers of ABC's Hit Show" includes pics of cast members like Ken Leung and Nestor Carbonell, along with folks you may not be as familiar with, like set locator Miki Yasufuku. The exhibit will also include props from the show.

Below are a few photos from the exhibit, which runs May 20-June 5. Check the foundation's website for more info.

Here's a barefoot Leung, who plays Miles:

Evangeline Lilly (she's Canadian!) hangs out with her Brazilian-born stand-in, Claudia Cox:
Netherlands-born Henk van Eeghen works as an editor on Lost:

Miki Yasufuku has a cool job as a set locator:

Concepcion Saucedo-Alicino is the show's former production coordinator (what's in the boxes?!):

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