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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daniel Dae Kim Talks Family, the Big Finale & Favorite 'Lost' Couple

by Maggie Furlong, posted May 4th 2010 4:30PM

Let's get this out of the way: 'Lost' star Daniel Dae Kim is beyond charming.

When I chatted with him about the big (albeit abbreviated) Jin and Sun reunion and the cult favorite show's final five hours on TV, he was cracking jokes, waxing sentimental and not too impressed with the Nick Jonas tunes he had to listen to while ABC connected our call. "That might be the new century's equivalent to elevator music," he said with a laugh ... and that was the first laugh of many.

Keep reading to get DDK's initiation into the tease club, what episode he thinks will be most interesting to watch after the finale and his interesting choice for favorite 'Lost' couple. We also talk about all that shirtlessness, the show he'd love to guest star on and more.

We've waited for seasons, and Jin and Sun's [Yunjin Kim] reunion was so abbreviated -- what's up with that?
That's a really good question, but I would say it's more a question for the writers than for me. For Jin, there's nothing more important to him than reuniting with his wife. So regardless of how much screen time it got, the emotional impact it had on him was very deep.

Did you see all those cartoons of people thinking Jin and Sun might fry between the pylons as they ran into each other's arms?
Yes -- you know, it never occurred to me for a second while we were shooting it! Precisely because the only thing my character was focused on was Sun. I think that if they would've been fried, he would've fried a happy man. [Laughs]

We all know that you can't live happily ever after in both timelines ...
Oh really? Why do we know that? [Laughs]

Well we know there's death coming. And Smocke is very determind. And Sun is the only woman in the six remaining candidates ... does that mean she's next to die?
Well anything can happen on this island. The key to remember is, when the Island is done with you, that's the time that you will die. The question really is: Is the Island done with us?

Jorge Garcia teased big deaths in the end, and now Damon Lindelof is teasing about new sets being built for the finale. What can you tease for these remaining episodes?
Oh my -- I have to join this club, huh? The tease club? [Laughs] I will say that the finale is very emotionally resonant and what you will see on the screen will parallel I think what many of us, as actors, were feeling as we were working.

I'm guessing that means loss ... yikes. What was your immediate reaction to the finale? Were you satisfied? Intrigued?
Gosh, it was such a mix of emotions. And actually -- to be completely candid -- I felt a more powerful mix of emotions when I finished reading the finale than I did when I finished my last day of shooting. I think mainly because 'Lost' lives and dies by its writing. As a fan myself, when I finished the last chapter of the book of 'Lost,' I really needed to kind of sit with it by myself for a while because it had meant so much to me.

And that's exactly what most fans are going to be doing ... and then they're going to go back and re-watch the whole thing in awe.
I think it'll be really interesting to watch the pilot, knowing what you know at the end. Now the audience will be in the position of a Jacob as opposed to a Jack, who was trying to figure it all out.
Fans want to know if Island Jin will finally get to meet Ji Yeon. I know you can't tell us, but with a bun in Sun's oven off the Island, maybe you can just tell us if we'll ever see you even close to meeting any child of yours ...
I really hope so! Family is really important to Jin. You see what he did for the love of his life, and I think he would do anything he possibly could. I really hope for Jin that he gets to see Ji Yeon.

Me too! The fact that she's only met her dad at his gravesite is tragic. We don't need Ji Yeon becoming a stripper!
[Laughs] Did you watch 'Modern Family' the other night? [Laughs] So funny ... we like 'Modern Family' a lot.

What else do you watch?
I watch 'Bizarre Foods.' [Andrew Zimmern] is fantastic. I don't know what it says about me that almost everything he eats, I want to try. Maybe I'll manage to do a guest spot on his show sometime ...

You should! He can come to Oahu and you guys can do a little 'Hawaii 5-0' crossover!
[Laughs] Exactly!

Besides the Jin and Sun reunion, the other big watercooler moment for you was Jin's shirtlessness this season -- you're like the new Sawyer!
No! No one will ever replace Sawyer, believe me. I'm glad for Josh [Holloway], after many years of harping on the fact that he thinks I should be shirtless rather than him, that he got his way.

Are you just prepping the world to see your abs in your new gig?
No. It's never something that I prep for because if I actually thought that way, I'd have bigger problems to tackle. [Laughs]

I love that the show is all about true love. Not counting Jin and Sun, who is your favorite 'Lost' couple?
Des and Penny ... Juliet and Sawyer ... the Kate three-way ... then there's also Bernard and Rose, Charlie and Claire and Libby and Hurley. I would say Michael and Walt! I would -- that is a story that hasn't been resolved.

We've seen Michael this season, but not Walt -- will we get a little bit of Walt?
I hope so because I think that story needs some closure!

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