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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST series finale gets extra 30 Minutes!

Well, TPTB over at LOST have decided they need a lil more time to finish their saga. Lucky for us! There will be an extra half hour added to the big finale on Sunday, May 23rd. Instead of ending at 11pm, the finale hour will now run until 11:30pm, pushing back your late local news and Jimmy Kimmel's LOST send off episode by a half hour each. So...If you find yourself busy with other things that nite (REALLY? You have something MORE important that the LOST finale?), make sure you check those DVRS!

The whole story is here, along with (spoilery, if you didn't see it) comments about last night's episode "The Candidate" from Damon Lindeloff.

BTW...the article doesn't say...but you wonder if this was Darlton's idea...or ABC's? Extending the finale that night gives ABC an extra 30 minutes to suck advertisers dry with those 'Super Bowl' size ad rates they are charging...especially in the final few minutes of the episode. Shrewd business move...or artistic creative license? Probably a lil of both.

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