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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jorge Garcia: Tonight's Episode Of 'Lost' Is 'Really Part of The Finale'

"Lost" star Jorge Garcia made an appearance on Tuesday's edition of "The View" and spent much of his segment trying not to give anything away about the show's finale.

Joy Behar mentioned to Garcia that she had read that the show's creators knew how the show was going to end when they were writing the first episode.

Garcia responded carefully, as he attempted to answer the question without revealing anything.

"Yeah...when you see the end...I think you'll see...what they are referring to. You know, what the final image of 'Lost' is...I don't know how sure they were about everything else that happened in between."

Garcia also said that he felt that tonight's episode was really part one of the finale, since the episode "sets everything in motion."

Whoopi Goldberg mentioned the several different realities on the show, including the sideways world. Garcia slyly commented that "you can't write off either reality. You can't say one is real and one is not real. But it pays off real nice."

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