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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'Lost' recap: A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother

Every day is Mother's Day for Jacob and the Man In Black
By Jeff Jensen May 12, 2010

They are not Cain and Abel. They are not Jacob and Esau. At least, not the Jacob and Esau from The Bible. They are not angels or demons, they are not gods or monsters, and they are not incarnations of dead castaways like Juliet and Daniel Faraday. (Seriously! Whoever came up with that last idea was, like, totally stupid or totally high or totally nuts! Somebody shoot that guy before he hurts someone with nutty theories!) No, in the end, Jacob and the Man In Black are revealed to be a pair of brothers who have something in common with a lot of characters on Lost: they got royally screwed by some really crappy parenting.

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