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Monday, May 24, 2010

Top 10 most important mysteries

Around Season 4 I put this poll up of the top ten mysteries that you want to be answered before the show ends or the show will be ruined for you. Some mysteries have been answered clearly, some have not been and others theres enough pieces to make a good enough guess about it. Some have even been given more resolution through Darlton's Podcasts. 110 of you voted, here are the results with how or if they were answered.

Top ten mysteries that must be answered or lost will be ruined for you. (Please only check ten boxes)

Adam and Eve (black and white stones)
53 (48%)
Answered on the show = MIB and "Mother"

Four toed statue
57 (51%)
Answered Partially = We know how it broke and that Jacob lives there, and who the statue is of. But we don't know who built it, how, why and why Tawret.

Jacob and the roving shack
68 (61%)
Not answered definitively, but theres clues. MIB probably was the one in the cabin during all visits. MIB may or may not have been trapped in there or only able to leave in Smoke form

58 (52%)
Answered = Michael told Hurley that it was the spirits of people who died on the island not ready to move on. In that episodes podcast Darlton said that the whispers give warnings and announce the coming of the Others.

The Smoke Monster
71 (64%)
Answered = The Man in Black, he became MIB after Jacob threw him into the cave of light.

Black Rock and Nigerian Cessna & the Tunsian Polar Bear
39 (35%)
Answered = The Black Rock was Richard Alpert's slave boat that brought him to the island, a tsunami or giant wave threw it into the statue (breaking it) and it landed in the middle of the island. The Nigerian Cessna was the drug plane that Eko's Brother Remi was on when it came to the island. Dharma brought the Polar Bears to Hydra island for tests. As for how it got to Tunisia you could speculate that it was used to test the donkey wheel and landed in the Tunisia desert?

Dharma purge/hostiles
18 (16%)
The Hostiles were Jacob's people under the leadership of Widmore, Eloise and Ben and were at odds with Dharma. This poll was given after "The Man behind the Curtain" Since then there hasn't been much new information on it. We did learn last season that Widmore Ordered it.

Richard Alpert age & toe count
65 (59%)
Age Answered = Born 1867/Immortal. Most likely does not have 4 toes like the statue, not Egyptian

"The Incident"
30 (27%)
Answered = Juliet and the castaways caused it

Walt's specialness
66 (60%)
Not answered, but there are enough pieces to speculate that his power was to call animals to him.

Glass eye
9 (8%)
Not Answered Mikials?

Rousseau's Story with details about science team & how Montand lost his arm
12 (10%)

Fertility issues
45 (40%)
Not Answered definitively, Jacob could have caused it, or maybe "Mother" after Jacob and MIB were born. Or maybe leftover gas poisoning from the purge?

Claire's "psychic" Will great danger come from Kate raising Aaron?
37 (33%)
Answered = Darlton explained it this way in a recent IGN interview: "What's the story with Aaron?" And we go, okay, the story with Aaron is that a psychic told Claire that he was special, but then subsequently, in an Eko episode, we revealed that the psychic was a fraud. So people are like, "Why is Aaron special?" and we're like, "But, that wasn't true. That guy was a liar." "Well, why did The Others abduct him?" Well, the Others revealed that they abducted him because he was a baby born on the island, and they wanted to see if there was anything they could glean scientifically to solve their fertility issues.And so there it is in the show, in black and white, but people still say, "So why is Aaron special?!" or, "What are you going to reveal about him?" Aaron became emotionally special, because Kate ended up having to raise him and she ended up returning to the island to bring Claire back home. So that's why he's special. But if you're looking for the answer to, "What are his superpowers?" or "When will he finally deploy his laser eyes?", the answer is… the finale. He deploys his laser eyes in the finale.

They were joking about that.

Paik's watch
7 (6%)
Just a watch that Jin was bringing to one of Paik's clients, nothing more. Michael pawned it to buy a gun to kill himself.

Freightie missions & stories
7 (6%)
We found out a lot more about Daniel, Charlotte and Miles, but nothing more about Frank.

Libby's story
28 (25%)
In the Flash Sideways we found out that she checked herself into Hurley's mental institute, but nothing more.

Abbaddon's story
21 (19%)
Works for Widmore, influenced Locke to go on the Walkabout that got him on the island, that's all we know except that now he's working for the government heading a team that investigates strange occurrences.

Widmore's relationship to the island
46 (41%)
He was one of the leaders of the Others under Jacob and Richard. He was kicked off or left willingly for having a relationship with a non Other off island. Its unclear as to who that woman is or exactly how close he was to Jacob or why he ordered the purge.

Ben & Widmore's relationship
52 (47%)
Ben was an Other who got Widmore kicked off the island. Ben took over the leadership of the Others after Widmore left.

What is the island?
85 (77%)
Darlton said in the last Podcast that the water in the light cave and in the temple and other places could be thought of as the life blood of a creature (the island) Also that the island could be thought of as a "Cork" that was keeping the Smoke Monster/MIB from destroying the world. The island can be moved by the Donkey Wheel. The place that Jacob would bring candidates to be tested to replace him.

Votes so far: 110

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