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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anyone Interested in a Room 23 Book Club?

Lostpedia has a great idea. At least - it sounds great to me. Instead of jumping in to an activity hosted by another site, I said to myself, "Self, why don't we see if there is any interest at Room 23 in starting a book club, drawing from the book list offered at" We could design a list with the more popular books first, ones folks are most likely to already have or can get easily get cheaply (hello Mr. King?). We can then have a 3-4 week read time with a week at the end to discuss the book and how it relates to Lost over at the AICN TB. It will bring more activity to the TB as we continue to work towards shattering 10K posts and it could be alot of fun. The idea came from Lostpedia - they are going to try the exact same thing with a similar format. (Read about it here: ).

So what do you think? I will throw a poll up and based upon the response, we will take it from there. I am excited about the idea and hope you all are too. Lets have your vote and make this thing happen!
The Lost Book Club:

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plkrtn said...

Why don't you run your book club alongside ours at Lostpedia. The more people that join in with a single book club, rather than splintering off, the better!