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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Bit of Real Scoopage Regarding the EMMY'S

By no means do I doubt HoboNode posted exactly what he found and that he is trusting it is truthful. In fact, I have found many sites posting the same "Emmy News". But I have received some information from a very good friend that I trust implicitly. The source is very solid. I will post the email verbatim, only removing her name and the name of the Acadamy of Television Arts and Sciences friend she gave me to insure me her info is solid.

This is more than you probably want know but I hate to see anything posted to Room 23 based on possible misinformation. (The LA Times ain't squat since Sam Zell took over but that's a whole other story.) Nothing regarding outstanding actors is written in stone as yet. Maybe their spies are correct about finalists but maybe not.

Spoke to -NAME REMOVED- in the Awards department over at the Academy to find out when the Drama Actor finalists would be announced. He said there won't be any acting finalists announced until the five that are actually nominated are announced on the 17th. I then asked why were the Supporting Actor finalists announced and he said he hadn't seen the list in the LA Times so couldn't address it. None of the acting category finalists are to be released to the public, only Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Comedy, etc.

If you want to take a look at the recent Emmy info from the Times and from Tom O'Neil who posted the finalists:


Of course I want to see Lost take some gold but I have to be realistic too. Based on their "spy" reports, one of the panels (of about 30 people) only had a few that were under 50. Also from the same report: "I asked one voter about the ability to understand Lost. He said that he isn't a regular viewer but was very impressed and thought it had an arc that would be clear to at least a casual viewer. He wondered if some of the older non-viewers would understand or not."

Your Friend,

So, take the emmy news you are getting with a spoonful of sketicism for at least a little while.

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